Virtual Reality Society

Meet Our Team

Tushar Rahi


Tushar is currently a senior double-majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He was part of the Clark Summer Undergraduate Research Program, and has done artificial intelligence projects in the past, working with images and regression. He is passionate about science, math, and engineering, and is always curious to learn more. In his free time, he likes to listen to music. He also plays the piano and the viola.

David Aragon

Vice President

David is a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He works on various entrepreneurial projects, and has held civil engineering internships at Reed, Wills and Benson Co. He’s worked all over the place from food service to RF product design, testing, and troubleshooting. He loves to teach others about the beauty of science, math and virtual reality. When he’s not working, he’s typically playing competitive or creative video games. He also likes programming in C and C++.

Teves Lindsey


Alyssa is a senior majoring in Biology. She has previously done projects for Voit lab, a materials science laboratory where she worked with shape-memory polymers. In her free time, she likes to participate in charity work, volunteer, and build concrete furniture. She is very passionate about animals and loves to play the piano.

Corrine Jagneaux


Corrine is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering. As treasurer, she is so excited to be a part of the Virtual Reality Society team! Studying to be a mechanical engineer here at the University of Texas at Dallas, she wishes to become an astronaut and help to create new technology to learn more about the space in our vast universe. She love cats, fries, and root beer in that order and is always down to watch some Steven Universe or any Studio Ghibli film.

Calvin Lovoy

Director of Marketing

Calvin is a senior majoring in Marketing. He loves technology, social media, and entertainment which all happen to relate to VR and his position in the organization. In his free time, he likes to play piano, drums, and marimba and can tell you the capital of any country.

Caleb Fung

Director of Technology

Caleb is a senior in Computer Science who enjoys expressing problem solutions through coding. He studies fog computing as a research assistant at the Advanced Networks Research Lab. He is interested in all things tech - from augmented reality wearables to eccentric robot companions. He has built web and mobile applications with Angular, React, Polymer and Android Studio. Caleb can be found playing the piano, messing with Unity, or asleep with his VR headset on.

Cameron Steele

Technical Officer

Cameron has many years of experience in software development from working with many small startups. In his free time he enjoys playing VR games, learning new things and trying new things.

John Hatch

Outreach Instructor

John is a senior studying Computer Science, and a Research Assistant in the Future Immersive Virtual Environments (FIVE) Lab at UT Dallas, where he develops VR studies comparing virtual interaction techniques. He also currently interns at Cyber Defense Labs where he pursues an interest in computer security. He is the proprietor of PrismaCode, a mobile software studio, and is on the board of the Plano Amateur Radio Klub. During his free time, he can be found socializing with friends, enjoying the outdoors, writing and listening to digital music, and playing epic puzzle games like The Witness and Obduction.

Veronica Liu

Director of Outreach

Veronica is a senior majoring in Computer Science and ATEC (animation). She is a research assistant at the ArtSci Lab at UT Dallas on the Exemplars project, where she works to create further collaboration between the visual and performing arts and STEM fields. When she's not working, you can find her playing cello, drawing, or socializing with friends.

Ryan McMahan

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ryan P. McMahan is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and of Arts and Technology at UT Dallas. He directs the Future Immersive Virtual Environments (FIVE) Lab. His research focuses on using immersive VR technologies to promote learning and to provide training solutions that are better than real-world exercises. He has several publications on his VR research, including articles in the Communications of the ACM and IEEE Computer. He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech 2004, 2007, and 2011 respectively.